Crush Cemetery (East of Friendsville Road, South of Chippewa Road)
Shaw Cemetery (East side of Westfield Road, south of Chippewa Road)
Spitzer Cemetery (SR162, 2/10 of a mile east of Lake Road)
Waltz Cemetery* (next to Waltz Church – north side of Egypt Road, east of Carsten Road)
Medina County Home Burial Ground (off Deerview Lane – maintained by Medina County Park District)

*Currently, Waltz Cemetery is the Township’s active cemetery. Residents and property owners may purchase grave sites by calling 330-725-6515.

Lafayette Township Cemetary Rules

Effective March 2, 2015


  1. Cemetery hours are from sunrise to sunset.
  2. No person shall deposit debris, rubbish or waste materials anywhere within the cemetery limits. All cemetery waste and debris should be deposited in receptacles designated for such use.
  3. All markers and monuments must be harmonious in size and height with existing monuments and structures. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Lafayette
    Township Board of Trustees will be final.
  4. After a monument has been placed in the cemetery, it may not be removed without the permission of the service department.
  5. No kill or capture of any animal, plucking of plants marring any monument or landmark or in any way defacing cemetery grounds, sitting or standing upon monuments, advertising, dogs, discharge of firearms except for military funerals and Memorial Day exercises is permitted.
  6. A single grave site is 4’x12’. A plot is four (4) contiguous grave sites 16’ x 12’.


  1. The current cost for a 4’ x 12’ full size grave is $500 to Township residents, former residents who own property in the township and their direct descendents. A nontransferable right to bury form (aka deed) is issued by the township to each purchaser of a right of interment/inurnment.
  2. Township residents, former residents who own property in the township and their direct descendents may purchase a maximum of four (4) plots / sixteen (16) graves per family or household.
  3. Former residents who lived within the township may purchase a maximum of four (4) graves per family household at the non-resident rate of $1,000 each.
  4. Unused graves may be repurchased by the township upon request of the owner or person entitled to ownership. Payment for the repurchase will be in the amount of the original purchase or the existing sale price, whichever is less. No payment will be made without the presentment of a valid deed by the owner or acceptable proof of entitlement to
    ownership if not the owner.
  5. A new deed may be issued upon written request to the Board of Trustees along with the documentation of the requestor’s entitlement.


  1. The current charges are:
    Grave Openings (burials) $600 weekdays $650 Saturdays
    Cremains (urn burials) $150 weekdays $300 Saturdays
  2. Full burials must use a concrete or minimum 12 gauge galvanized metal vault.
  3. Cremations must use a marble or metal urn.
  4. The township must receive 24 hours notice for burials.
  5. No burials after 2:00 p.m. on weekdays; no burials after 12:00 noon on Saturdays, otherwise if agreed to a $75.00 additional fee will be charged.
  6. There shall be no burials on Sunday or Holidays.
  7. There may be three burials per grave which may include one full burial only and up to three cremations – or four cremains only. Inurnments on top of interments will be
    charged half the cost of a Right of Interment/Inurnment – $250.
  8. There shall be a charge of $1,000 for disinterment of a full burial. The family shall be responsible for any other charges from any private firms involved or from any damage to headstone or vault. The family must produce/sign a waiver. No disinterment will be made until all State Regulations (ORC 517.24) and rules of the Medina County Health
    District have been complied with.
  9. The township may require the family to produce a Right to Bury form indicating their right to bury.
  10. Only human remains can be buried; no other objects are permitted in the grave other than the vault, casket and urns.
  11. The township service department will seed greaves when weather permits.


  1. Within 180 day of the burial, all graves must be marked with an approved marker which includes the name and date of death of the person buried in the grave.
  2. All grave markers must have prior approval of the Service Department.
  3. a.Flush markers must be 4” deep and must include a footer of at least one foot depth underneath of precast limestone or pea gravel. Charge will be contractor’s current price. Flush markers for inurnments over interments or indigent burials may be 8” x 4” x 2” thick.
    b. Except flush markers, all other grave markers must be placed on a concrete footer with a minimum depth of 3’, which will be procured by the cemetery at a charge of
    $0.40 per square inch / $57.60 per square foot.

  4. For large markers over 4’, a written request must be made to the Service Department for review and recommendation to the Lafayette township Board of Trustees or designated
  5. Family markers that run east to west and cover a grave space are not permitted.
  6. Head stones will be placed on the west end of the grave and read on the east side. A second marker may be placed at the end of the grave in alignment with the primary marker, but can only be 1’ x 2’ in size and must be flush to the ground. No flowers can be planted around the second marker.
  7. For benches, a written request must be made to the service department for review and recommendation to the Lafayette Township Board of Trustees. All benches must rest on a full-length concrete footer.
  8. Benches must be made of granite, limestone or marble and must be pinned.
  9. All permanent markers must be made of granite, marble or bronze.
  10. All markers of wood or other materials are considered temporary and may be removed after four months by the service department.
  11. Lafayette Township will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to any marker other than the standard, approved marker.
  12. No mausoleums will be permitted.


  1. For trees to be planted, a written request must be made to the service department for recommendation to the Lafayette Township Board of Trustees. Trees are only permitted in designated areas.
  2. Small plants and annuals can be planted within one foot on the east side of the head stone.
  3. Flush bronze vases for cut flowers are permitted.
  4. The following vegetation is not permitted: shrubs, ground cover such as myrtle, ivy, pachysandra and ornamental grasses, pots or plant containers.
  5. The following decorations are not permitted: hanging baskets, wind chimes, bird houses and items hanging from trees, statues, plastic or wood signs, stuffed animals and like objects.
  6. Artificial flowers and Christmas decorations are allowed from December 1 through March 1. Items remaining after March 1 will be removed by the service department and
  7. Flags and wreaths for Memorial Day and July 4 are permitted form Memorial Day weekend through July 10.
  8. Any planting, decoration or other item listed herein and not permitted shall be removed by the service department.

Note: If there are questions, please contact the Lafayette Township Service Department. If there are specific requests, they must be presented to the service department in writing for review and recommendation to the Lafayette Township Board of Trustees. These rules and regulations are subject to change.

Approved November 17, 2008
Amended May 11, 2009
Amended December 21, 2009
Amended January 19, 2010
Amended January 24, 2011
Amended March 18, 2013
Amended March 2, 2015

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