Lafayette Cemetery aka Crush Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery aka Crush Cemetery

Lafayette Cemetery aka Crush Cemetery

7401 Friendsville Rd. Lodi, OH 44256

This small charming cemetery, located in a far elevated corner of a privately owned horse farm, contains more than 44 graves, some of which are unreadable. Recorded dates of interment range from 1810 to 1892. Access requires the permission of the farm owner, who maintains an access road, and occasionally cuts the grass to keep the cemetery attractive and the gravestones easily observable.

This non-public cemetery, shown here in its entirety, is in a far, nicely elevated corner of a farmers' field and has a beautiful view of its bucolic surroundings. Since it is privately owned, permission must be obtained to visit the cemetery. The 51 listed graves date from 1810 to 1903. Despite apparent attempts to maintain them, they are generally in somewhat poor condition as would be expected. They were easy to access (yr 2006) and photograph due to the grass cutting and access road provided by the farm owner. Most monuments need a considerable cleaning effort to get a good photograph, and many are too worn to decipher the inscription. The cemetery is quite nice and includes a flag pole, some very old trees, and even a three-person porch swing hung from a large tree branch. It is not a neglected or abused cemetery, but nature is winning the battle against that which is man-made. The unidentified graves have not been counted or listed.

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