Township Officials

Board of Trustees

Lafayette Township is served by a three-member Board of Trustees, each of whom are elected to serve four-year terms. Each year, the Board selects one of its members to serve as President of the Board for that year. The Board meets at 6:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at the Lafayette Township Hall at 6776 Wedgewood Rd.

Additional meetings are often called by the Board President should the need arise. Residents are encouraged to attend Trustee meetings to stay informed of the issues facing their community.

Once approved by the Board, minutes of recent Trustee meetings are posted on this site. Minutes of previous meetings not available on this site can be requested from the Township's Fiscal Officer.

Fiscal Officer

The Township's fiscal matters and official records are handled by the Fiscal Officer (formerly referred to as the Township Clerk). This individual is elected to a term of four years. In addition to paying bills, processing payroll and maintaining the financial records for the Township, the Fiscal Officer also prepares, along with the Trustees, the Township’s yearly operating budgets. The Fiscal Officer has the responsibility of maintaining the fiscal and procedural records for the Township, including Trustee meeting minutes and correspondence. Call the Fiscal Officer’s office at (330) 725-6515 Ext.1 for information on how to request minutes and other Township public records. The Township’s public records policy summarizes how and when the public can access Township records. It should be noted that in addition to the posted times, the Fiscal Officer makes every attempt possible to accommodate reasonable requests outside of normal business hours.


Elected Officials

  • Standing:
    Trustees - Marty Warchola, Lynda Bowers & Michael Costello
  • Seated:
    Fiscal Officer - Laura Ruebensaal

Contact Us

Lynda Bowers

Trustee since 1998

cell/text: 330-635-0837
email: [email protected]

Michael Costello

Trustee since 2014

cell/text: 440-724-8564
email: [email protected]

Marty Warchola

Trustee since 2017

cell/text: 216-403-7964
email: [email protected]

Laura Ruebensaal

Fiscal Officer since 2020

cell/text: 216-272-3822
email: [email protected]